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Dreams Come True In Limerick

The weekend just gone, Limerick's senior hurlers won the all Ireland final and took home the Liam McCarthy cup for the third year in a row – a historic victory for the team, placing them among other hat-trick winners Kilkenny, Cork and Tipperary.

On Monday in the baking heat I joined Dennis Allen, Narolane (Denise Chaila with Murli and Godknows), and Moncrieff on stage at the TUS Gaelic Grounds in Limerick City to welcome the team home from Croke Park. It was incredible – what an experience, playing to an exuberant army of Limerick supporters, and joining Moncrieff and the team themselves on-stage to sing Limerick's anthem – "Dreams" by The Cranberries.

I would never consider myself in a million years a "stadium artist", it's a stagecraft an art-form all of its own, and I've never aspired to it, but god it's a lot of fun getting to do that kind of thing now and then. Belting out a tune to about 20k people, wearing a flag around my shoulders, and just jumping around and having fun – there's a lot to be said for it. I can see why people write music intended just for that experience.

Check out some photos of the day by (my fella) Kennedy O'Brien, here:

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