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Emma Langford Awarded Limerick Person of the Month

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Emma Langford Is Awarded Limerick Person of the Month

Renowned folk singer-songwriter Emma Langford has been given the award of Limerick Person of the Month for January 2018.

Emma’s debut LP, ‘Quiet Giant’, was released to wide critical acclaim and its success was reflected in her nomination and acceptance of the award at the Clayton Hotel in Limerick this week.

Emma spoke to the Limerick Leader, stating “It was really unexpected. It’s lovely. I feel totally undeserving but I’m chuffed.

“I was always singing. My sister and I used to listen to the musicals like Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera. We would have the cassettes of them and we would play them and we would slow them down and write down the lyrics and practice duets together. I would have been seven or eight at the time.”

Emma first started playing guitar when she was still very young, after her mother, Ina, taught her how to play her first chords. Her father is also very creative, working as a visual artist, and she has two sisters, Clare and Jean.

The Caherdavin songstress attended Mary Queen of Ireland School and went to Laurel Hill Colaiste. She took a year out to work before deciding to pursue music, doing the BA in Voice and Dance in UL and continuing on to do a masters in Community Music. Emma told the Limerick Leader, “I learned a lot in UL. The people I met in the Irish World Academy were incredible and a few of them are in my band, even still. I really loved it.”

Emma Langford Limerick Person of the Month Picture: Adrian Butler

Emma’s creativity has been a driving force throughout her entire life, with her love of art, music, and poetry being central to her personality. “I was always writing poetry and always writing stories and then songwriting became a natural way of expressing myself in my teens when you start having all of these feelings and angst and crushes and all that stuff. Music is the way I chose to express it and started writing some very, very bad songs, and some alright ones, and one of them is Quiet Giant, the name of my album.”

Quiet Giant was released last October and is currently on sale in Golden Discs, Steamboat Music in Limerick and Tower Records in Dublin. It will soon also be on sale on Vinyl.

Next week Emma will be performing at the Clayton Hotel for the Limerick Person of the Year Awards, paying tribute to the late Dolores O’Riordan by performing one of her songs.

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