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Emma Langford Releases Music Video for "The Seduction of Eve"

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Emma Langford has released a new music video for single, The Seduction of Eve.

The up-and-coming Limerick artist Emma Langford released the music video for The Seduction of Eve following her EP launch at Dolans on June 18.

The 26-year-old Caherdavin songwriter and guitarist first entered the local music scene in 2013, showcasing her unique jazz-folk style of music and guitar playing. She quickly gained a following from her frequent performances at various open mic nights in the city and university venues.

Emma’s EP is filled with mesmerizing, versatile material to suit all tastes and styles.

Other songs aside from the stunning The Seduction of Eve featured on the new release are Closed Book, Tug O’ War, You Are Not Mine, Goodbye Hawaii and All You Want.

The band features Clint Fitzgerald on piano, percussion, lapsteel and guitars, Karl Nesbitt on bodhrán, bouzouki, and flute, and Peter Hanagan on the double bass.

Describing the record, she said: “Through our choices of instruments, rhythms, the songs I’ve written, and my own vocal nuances we’ve somehow managed to fuse elements of Irish, Latin, folk and blues music within the six tracks. This EP definitely showcases my lyrical, vocal, and musical range. It’s at times fun, at times a tearjerker and, at others, introspective.

“Every track is very different in terms of tone, genre, and the themes it explores. I’m really looking forward to everyone having a different favourite song,” she enthused.

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Check out Emma’s new music video Seduction of Eve as well as her youtube channel here

Written by an I Love Limerick correspondent

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