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Emma Langford to star in new musical ‘Colours’ 

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Emma Langford to star in new musical ‘Colours’

Limerick singer Emma Langford is taking on the role of playing the last Irish Princess in the new musical ‘Colours’, written by English writer Charli Eglington.

‘Colours’ follows the story of Aedan Cara, the last princess in Ireland who lives in Crodherg, an old forgotten island. It celebrates long lost Irish culture and mythology, capturing both the power and the haunting sensitivity of Irish music. Aedan’s life soon takes a turn for the worst after her beloved island is invaded and her father is murdered. Aedan must now embark on an epic journey in a bid to save her people. It is a journey of great self-importance for Aedan that ends in epiphany.

Emma is known for singing folk music. Her two previous albums ‘Sowing Acorns’ and ‘Quiet Giant,’ brilliantly capture this. Her previous singles include her refreshing take on Janis Ian’s At Seventeen’ and ‘Birdsong’. In 2018, Emma won the RTE Radio 1 award for the Best Emerging Folk artist and in 2020 was also nominated for the Best Folk Singer award, which is also hosted by RTE Radio 1. Emma’s musical talents do not end here, in 2019 she was the very first recipient of the Dolores O’ Riordan music bursary, which was established to support a Limerick professional musician to develop their career. With such talent regarding folk music, it is clear that it was an auspicious decision for Emma to be cast as Aedan Cara in ‘Colours.’

Commenting on her new role, Emma said, “I love Aedan; she reminds me of myself when I was younger, a little more naive and eager to see the best in people. She has all the strength and courage I wish I had. I think she’s a really great new hero to add to the growing canon of fierce warriors and princesses – Charli’s written a wonderful character.”

Unsurprisingly, the play will be released as a concept album rather than a live show since plays cannot go ahead with recent COVID restrictions. The play is written by Charli Eglinton, a twenty-one-year-old musical artist from England. In February 2020, Charli was named as one of four international winners of the 2020 NMI New voices project, displaying new musical theatre by under 25-year old’s in Hollywood.

Emma also added “I’m excited to be part of this project in its development stages, to get to see it grow and evolve and build momentum. I’ve been quietly dreaming for a while of going into voice acting and musical theatre, but it felt a bit ridiculous because it’s so far from what I do as a singer-songwriter; I’m so enjoying learning new things about my voice and getting back to my theatrical roots.”

Emma initially started out in drama as an avid member of the University of Limerick’s Drama Society and performed in several plays over the years saying, “Theatre has kind of been a pipe dream for me, I wasn’t sure I’d actually be able to pursue it and now here I am doing a musical. It’s a dream come through!”

For more information on ‘Colours’ go HERE

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