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New Record News

Yesterday we wrapped production on... Well, not quite an album in the traditional sense. More of a "project".

We're (myself, Alec, Hannah & Clare) headed to Germany in April for a three week tour titled The Birdsong Tour, and with an international tour comes the expectation of a new record, so that tour brings me an exciting opportunity to do something I've wanted to do for a while now.

It's been my goal to re-record some of my older songs, or songs that had huge production on my first two albums.

The idea behind this is to capture the 4-piece band sound I've managed to curate over the last few years in working with the brilliant people you usually see on stage with me.

It's also nearly six years since I last recorded a couple of these songs, so naturally my voice has changed, how I feel about the songs has changed, how I perform them has changed... So I wanted to capture that.

We also recorded our new suite of songs from Ballyvourney, and a couple of folk songs that have inspired my own writing. All of the songs in this collection centre on women and women's stories.

This is just a small part of my larger project exploring women in Irish history. Another album IS in the works, which will be 100% new and original work (I think – who knows?)

So the "Birdsong – Live In Studio" record, created over three days at Wanderland Recording Studio in Limerick City, will initially be available exclusively live at shows in Germany in April/May, and then when I come home I'll look at bringing it out to a wider audience. That's the news. That's the goss. That's the sca.

All my so-far-confirmed German tour dates are listed in the tour section of my website, which you can visit by clicking here

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