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sowing acorns back of CD sleeve with track listing


Following a rigorous run of live shows, video shoots, and collaborations, since her debut in 2017 with ‘Quiet Giant’, and bravely undeterred by the challenges posed by the pandemic, Langford shared her triumphant sophomore release, 'Sowing Acorns' in 2020.


The songs on this album pivot on an axis of female strength and empowerment (Birdsong), but never shy away from vulnerability; Langford openly delves into personal encounters with grief (The Winding Way Down to Kells Bay), ambition (Song For My Younger Self), and broken relationships (You Are Not Mine), while touching on other loose themes along the way. Regardless of whether the song drifts toward a folk or a soul sensibility, the common denominator throughout is Emma’s vocal range and tone, combined with strikingly observational and incisive lyrics.

"Sowing Acorns feels like an insight into Langford's sense of being, her personal strength and endurance. As gentle and harmonious as it is in sound and mood, this second album is strong and bold in sentiment, as she proclaims in the first few minutes of the album, 'My own self is my own, I am strong as my bones'."

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